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File: Align12-20-10
Align interferes with Stuf and PB4 transparancies
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
I have no idea why, but Align seems to disable my ability to change transparency settings for borders and backgrounds in both Stuf and PB4. They work fine without align, and when I enable align they cannot be changed. I am not positive of the causation but it seems connected.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)12-20-10
cannot change transparancy for background or borders
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
I have a weird bug - I can change the color of my Stuf borders and Backgrounds, but I cannot change the transparency slider. It always resets to the default after I make changes. I deleted my WTF to do a fresh restart, re-installed all Add Ons, even tried using PitBull 4.0 and transparency still will not work - in Pitbull or Stuf...
File: Reflux11-27-10
/Snapshot ftw
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
The Snapshot feature is the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you!
File: Riot UI - Widescreen (1920*1080)10-21-10
Thank you
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
Fantastic UI. I appreciate the amount of thought that went into when and where to display every detail - its clean, efficient, and intuitive. Pure awesome sauce.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-03-10
Stuf data changing when I /reload
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
I am a long time user of Stuf who just returned to WoW. Killed my WTF and Interface folders - started clean - downloaded latest versions of Stuf and other mods. When I make changes to Stuf and the /reload, I had data disappearing. Sometimes just the Text 1 field will be gone on a single frame, sometimes the Portrait, sometimes t...
File: Raynes Iced Cherry07-29-09
I use it on 1680x1050 as well with...
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
I use it on 1680x1050 as well with no issues. All the Cherry Ice profiles worked great. My only problem was that I had to go in to Pitbull and disable the Rep and XP bars in the Player, Target, ToT, and Party layouts. Otherwise everything loaded exactly where it belonged.
File: Raynes Iced Cherry07-27-09
Holy crud is this a beautiful UI....
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
Holy crud is this a beautiful UI. Elegant, functional, everything you need where your eye needs it and no more. Amazing dedication to detail. Thank you for all the UIs over the years, but man, this one is just too much. w00t
File: MetzRemix10-17-08
Awesome UI. Thank you. I had to...
Posted By: LippyPantaloons
Awesome UI. Thank you. I had to manually delete the config.wtf file to get it to work on my iMac - it must have had video settings that made my client crash. But once I did that it loaded great. Thanks again.