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File: Traveler11-23-10
Re: traveler is back
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Originally posted by Malex Just updated to 3.1.0. Check it out. I mostly use it to make some extra cash with my mage by just sitting in town and having it pull random port requests out of the trade/general channels and giving people ports. Would love to see this addon back in use when the travelers return to WoW with the rele...
File: _Corpse06-05-10
____ Edit: The latest version, 3.3...
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____ Edit: The latest version,, should now work with FriendsWithBenefits. In addition, cross-realm players' corpses should work properly in PuG dungeons now. I am guessing the addon is no longer working. :( Are there any plans to change this?
File: Skillet11-01-09
Originally posted by lilsparky ye...
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Originally posted by lilsparky yeah, i'm going to be officially maintaining this sucker. gotta figure out how exactly to proceed -- cuz really i'd like to do a major rewrite. I hope you are successful because I have used this addon for more than a year. Though it is one of my favorites, it will not work at all now.:( The only...
File: Trade Is For Trade!06-16-09
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Interface\AddOns\TiFT\TiFT.lua:309: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) no other addons loaded
File: Titan Panel [Simple Mp3]05-18-09
kudos for the idea
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love the idea of this and simplemp3. But these load errors prevent it from working on my machine: :1: Couldn't find CVar named 'MusicVolume' Interface\AddOns\TitanSimpleMp3.lua:46: attempt to index global 'Smp3_Save' (a nil value)