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File: MikScrollingBattleText09-27-12
Code part 2 (was too long) : elaps...
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Code part 2 (was too long) : elapsed = 0.90800005197525 currentProfile = { normalFontSize = 15 qualityExclusions =
{} hotThrottleDuration = 2 critOutlineIndex = 2 abilitySuppressions =
{} cooldownThreshold = 20 dotThrottleDuration = 5 creationVersion = "5.4.63" critFontSize = 20 critFontN...
File: MikScrollingBattleText09-27-12
Encountered a hard mistake in MSBT...
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Encountered a hard mistake in MSBT so that it filled up lua-errors in BugSack/-Grabber like crazy and droped my FPS from 100 to 0-1 freezing me in place. Was fighting 2 different mobs in north-eastern Townlong Steppes (Osul Marauder + Spitfire), which performed new MoP-abilities ... 17x MikScrollingBattleText-5.7.122\
File: Elkano's BuffBars07-09-11
Bug with r166 ?
Posted By: Chew
With the latest version I got a problem with dropping/moving items in my inventory. To be more precise: When I move an item to another free position, on the old position the item leaves a grey shade (as if you've attached it to i.e a mail) but on the new position it looks like that spot is still blank. Although hovering over the n...
File: Paladin Warnings - Fan Update09-29-09
Good job on cleaning up the code; a...
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Good job on cleaning up the code; always something I like to see. Although I had one "BugSack" error with an announce last raid (forgot to check further, sorry ... so might have been an error from something else too), it seems to work very nice.
File: Paladin Warnings - Fan Update09-17-09
Well that mod does not have what I...
Posted By: Chew
Well that mod does not have what I am after - As I am either Ret or Prot, I am not ressing people that often and therefore I dont need to let my follow ressers know whom I am on (we use Ora2/3 for that anyway, so that is covered), just not that stupid rogue I am on, wont have Ress-window toggled. ;) I just thought that your mod is...
File: Paladin Warnings - Fan Update09-15-09
Only missing to wisper someone I am...
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Only missing to wisper someone I am ressurecting. Often (after a wipe) it is faster to get someone up, but it is common that this person is entering the instance right before the moment the ress kicks in.
File: Bongos304-02-08
Re: Castbar
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Originally posted by Bouncealot Hello, ... i can't make the original Castbar disappear when i open the Bongos Castbar. Any idea how to make this work ? ==== Never mind this i found out what the problem is , it's in AG Unitframes. I have the same problem but couldnt find a working hint about it yet. Any help appreciat...