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File: RealUI03-31-12
Wo.ot! Happy b'day to me! :cool:...
Posted By: clayhall
Wo.ot! Happy b'day to me! :cool: Happy Birthday Nib!
File: RealUI12-24-11
Is there any way to change the buff...
Posted By: clayhall
Is there any way to change the buffs/debuffs shown on the unitframes or buff frames? I can't for the life of me figure out which addons you're using to filter buffs. I can't get Victory Rush to show on my frame, or Rend to show on the target bars. Also, the DXE doesn't seem to announce who has Fading Light on the Ultraxxion fight. An...
File: RealUI12-13-11
Great Addon! For some reason I l...
Posted By: clayhall
Great Addon! For some reason I lost the "A" for the armor icon. Anyone know why or how to get it back. I tried a fresh install but its still gone. Also anyway to make the icons bigger below? It only shows up when you are less than 100%.
File: RealUI12-12-11
Raid Location Markers
Posted By: clayhall
Anyone know a quick and dirty way to keybind the raid flares for markng ground locations?
File: RealUI12-01-11
Look farther back.
Posted By: clayhall
OY! If you take the time to read back even ONE page of comments, you'll learn that RealUI ISN'T dead, or leaving his hands (at least ... not right now - can't tell the future, obviously). It's not the 'end of the line'! His GPU went kaboom! A few pages back, he stated that he will update for 4.3. One page back, he explains about...
File: RealUI11-17-11
Latest Raven Update
Posted By: clayhall
Just an FYI. The updates to Raven since last night (2 so far) both make buggrabber go haywire. I rolled back to the last release version from the RealUI package and all is well.
File: RealUI10-04-11
UI Scale
Posted By: clayhall
Pardon the ignorance, but I cant seem to find how to change the scale of the UI as a whole. There used to be something on the info bar for it. Any help would be appreciated.
File: RealUI09-29-11
Re: Holy power bar
Posted By: clayhall
Originally posted by Alinna Hate to bring this up yet again, but has anyone else had this issue, or figured out how to make it go away? I have the default Holy Power bar stuck right in the middle of my screen and nothing I have done to make it go away has worked yet....and I have spent maddening hours going through EVERY addon tr...
File: RealUI06-11-11
Re: Re: Omen display
Posted By: clayhall
Originally posted by Clasmir Assuming you've done all the basics such as toggle it on and do show (/omen show) then you may have had the problem I had just two days ago. Somehow the X Y position of the frame was sent to never never land. I finally disabled the Frame Mover for omen within realui and let omen itself do the placement....
File: RealUI06-10-11
Omen display
Posted By: clayhall
For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the actual Omen window to display? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
File: Bongos304-03-08
Re: Re: Spell Cooldowns on Action Bar Buttons
Posted By: clayhall
Originally posted by doxxx If you're referring to it showing a number like "30s", that's not Bongos, that's OmniCC, a super-awesome mod also done by Tuller. You can find it here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4836-OmniCC.html You are correct!! Thanks a bunch. That was driving me nuts. :D
File: Bongos304-03-08
Spell Cooldowns on Action Bar Buttons
Posted By: clayhall
Bongos2 showed spell cooldowns on the buttons for the action bars. So far, I have not been able to find anywhere in the config for bongos3 to enable that option. Anyone got any ideas?