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File: Mono UI11-03-11
Thank you for the help but regardin...
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Thank you for the help but regarding the same question of the threat meter. Is there a way to disable the meter without disabling the other ui tweaks seeing as the update put the two together.
File: Mono UI11-03-11
turning off threat meter
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I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the ThreatMeter?
File: Mono UI08-29-11
raid frame
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Is there by any chance a way to display the % health remaining in the raid frame?
File: Mono UI08-19-11
I've noticed something odd with Nug...
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I've noticed something odd with NugRunning where it will display cool downs from my own class i.e. warrior and track debuffs I haven't used or put on a given target yet mainly seen in a pvp setting where the chances of seeing the same class and spec is higher. Is it suppose to do this?
File: Mono UI05-29-11
quick question
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this might be a stupid question but for your universal mount macro. To make it work does one just make a macro for it and it works or is there more to it?
File: Ahrok's (Tuk)UI - MoP Edition05-01-11
screen shot request
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might someone have a screen shot of the unit frames for this ui? mainly when grouped with people raid and what not.
File: VuhDo04-27-11
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Not sure if it a bug or not but when I have vuhdo enabled I can not put on any new glyphs or take old ones off it pops up with a window saying vuhdo has stopped an action with the blizzard ui two buttons disable or ignore.
File: ElenIU01-21-11
Clickable Buffs
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not sure if anyone else found this but there is a bata for SBF with clickable buffs. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=12524
File: Panther01-18-11
Here is a screenshot of an unchange...
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Here is a screenshot of an unchanged Kitty ui at 1680x1050 however there are a few addon changes from the one included in the pack but other than that unchanged. :D http://img220.imageshack.us/i/kityui1680x1050.jpg/
File: Panther01-13-11
love the ui
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silly question is there an easy way to update the ui I've only recently started using it nothing seems broken but is there an easy way to get the new fixes with out deleting the wtf folder? And the UI looks fine on a 1680x1050 resolution a few things need to be moved in the right place I can upload a screen shot of it.