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File: Reputation Bars12-05-12
Thank you very much. Made the mods...
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Thank you very much. Made the mods and works fine now =)
File: Reputation Bars12-04-12
For those not code savvy ...
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Line 116 of which file and how do we know which line is 116? I counted the lines and didn't see anything remotely close to what's bee posted in the spots referred to. I really like using this addon and want to fix it ... I just don't know how to implement the changes you folks are talking about.
File: Creature Comforts11-18-08
Minor bit
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Prior versions didn't have this issue but the latest seems to. The Underspore Frond that is obtainable from the Everlasting Underspore Frond (From the Soregar Quests) used to be tagged as usable by my Gorilla pet and now it's not recognised as usable food. I have the option to allow combo foods to be fed turned on and the fronds...