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File: CoolLine01-03-11
I understand that trinket internal...
Posted By: Grognot
I understand that trinket internal cooldowns are not supported. However is there a way to add on-use trinkets such as Core of Ripeness, It has a 2 min on use cooldown. I've tried /script CoolLine.NewCooldown(Expansive Soul,Interface\Icons\inv_misc_cat_trinket04,20,true); But it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks for any help.
File: ChakraWatch10-16-10
Version 1.1.2 is looking fantastic...
Posted By: Grognot
Version 1.1.2 is looking fantastic :) You probably want to allow the margin to take a negative value so that flipped textures can be move higher up.
File: ChakraWatch10-16-10
Posted By: Grognot
Exactly what I was looking for thanks :) Not sure about GenericArc_03.blp. I modded GenericArc_05.blp, flipped it and shrunk it by 20% and that looks nicer
File: Tidy Plates04-12-10
How do I get this to show enemy cas...
Posted By: Grognot
How do I get this to show enemy castbars for all enemies and not just my current target?
File: TipTac10-17-08
As of patch 3.02 It doesn't seem to...
Posted By: Grognot
As of patch 3.02 It doesn't seem to work properly in battlegrounds. Both the tiptac and the default blizzard tooltips are displayed simultaneously when hovering over raid frames.
File: Squeenix05-05-08
Is there a way to bring up the trac...
Posted By: Grognot
Is there a way to bring up the tracking menu while the button is hidden? It'll be great for example right clicking the map causes the tracking menu to popup while left click does the usual map ping.
File: TipTac04-05-08
I sometimes get the following lua e...
Posted By: Grognot
I sometimes get the following lua error pop up. Interface\AddOns\TipTac\TipTac.lua:420: Usage: UnitisDead("unit")