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File: GoGoMount11-28-08
Is there any way to Exclude a mount...
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Is there any way to Exclude a mount from being used? I just got the Black War Bear and I want my Swift Frostsaber to be excluded whenever I mount. It would be very annoying to add a Preferred mount to every zone and city in the game + I'm a druid so I want to be able to fly when I can but use Black War Bear whenever I choose to us...
File: Dominos10-17-08
Originally posted by Tuller Right...
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Originally posted by Tuller Right click target = self == right click selfcast. I found it! now all my reqirements for a bar addon has been reached =D
File: Dominos10-16-08
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ok...im panicing....I cant self cast with right click! Is there any posiblity to add that? I keep wasting spells on my target instead of myself =( whole innervates going to a waste
File: OPie10-15-08
I got 1 problem with Opie, it seem...
Posted By: TheDusted
I got 1 problem with Opie, it seem to be reseting everytime I logg out, all rings except for the default ones are whiped off.
File: OPie06-22-08
I have some problems configurating...
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I have some problems configurating some of the rings (Some Rings I can config, Some I cant and sometimes I cant config any rings) Rings containing Macros show neither Text nor Icon The Error: : OPie\OneRingLib.lua:37: attempt to index local 'text' (a nil value) OPie\Meta\RingKeeperConfig.lua:213: in function