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File: Gladius10-28-08
Gladius uses the 3.0.2 arena unit i...
Posted By: Inkind
Gladius uses the 3.0.2 arena unit ids, therefore it'll add units automatically to the frame (byebye targetting macros) and you'll always be able to target/focus the enemies, regardless of if they are added when you're in combat. P I M P :D
File: Necrosis LdC10-22-08
Hey Loming, I'd like to make my own...
Posted By: Inkind
Hey Loming, I'd like to make my own BackLash sound, one that says Back Lash in English in the same voice as the shadow trance one. Did you make these mp3s and if so, could you let me know how you made 'em, like what programs you used? Thanks a bunch.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-21-08
"Bug Debuff" option not affecting pet's debuffs
Posted By: Inkind
Awesome awesome work on the mod. Thanks a lot. I have one problem though: Big Debuffs on targets Pre-patch my pet's debuffs below my target's icons showed up as big as my own debuffs. For example, spell lock debuffs showed up just as big as my corruption debuffs. Now, my pet's spells are small like they are from another character...
File: ProxDim Redux10-15-08
Chat pane bug
Posted By: Inkind
Loading this mod does something to my chat log, so that I can't see any chat (like /say, /guild, etc). I checked to see if it was any other mod but it's definitely this oen. Here are the two error logs !Swatter picked up, followed by a third file that mentions the chat log: Date: 2008-10-15 03:32:07 ID: 3 Error occured in: Globa...
File: Afflicted307-23-08
Originally posted by Shadowd Disp...
Posted By: Inkind
Originally posted by Shadowd Dispel alerts fixed in next push Ah k, I thought it was just me. Great mod by the way. Thanks for sharing :)