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File: YssDarkPact12-25-08
Does not seem to work
Posted By: fleebag
It's 25/12/2008 (Merry Christmas ^_^), and as of today, this is addon is not working for me. Haven't used it since pre-wotlk, and it worked fine back then, but now no matter what output I tell yssdarkpact to use, it is not giving me any instruction when to DP or LT. Not using DP, as I am destro, but I figure it should still be...
File: Druid Bar11-12-08
Originally posted by Ska Demon Sh...
Posted By: fleebag
Originally posted by Ska Demon Should be fixed now Works like a charm now. :) Thanks Ska
File: Druid Bar11-09-08
I see Druidbar in my menu -> interf...
Posted By: fleebag
I see Druidbar in my menu -> interface -> addons tab, but just see a blank page. No options or anything. /druidbar or /dbar just give me the standard message: Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands. Loved druidbar before... :( hope this gets fixed soon (also hope im not the only case lol)