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File: ZMobDB Advanced610-09-08
Testbox problem
Posted By: TomWolf
I don't really care about the textbox feature. For me it's just a problem since it creates an invicible frame in the middle of the screen, making it impossible for me to click on anything there. It goes away if I type /zmc testbox and then close the box...but I have to do this each time I log in. Any way to get rid of it?
File: SnapToGrid08-12-08
Installed, hotkey made, crosshair s...
Posted By: TomWolf
Installed, hotkey made, crosshair shows, no snapping what so ever. No frame I've tried to move snaps to the grid.
File: Band08-07-08
Not sure...
Posted By: TomWolf
Am I right if I say that what this does is put the models of a music band in your UI?
File: PetTalk08-07-08
Glad you like them oddtoddy, that's...
Posted By: TomWolf
Glad you like them oddtoddy, that's why we write them =) Do you have a favourite vanity pet by any chance? Originally posted by oddtoddy Thanks, I love your addons!
File: Critter War08-07-08
Once the whacky addon competition i...
Posted By: TomWolf
Once the whacky addon competition is done I might be interested in borrowing your code to my own addon, CritterTalk. Merging them together should make it possible to have different comments depending on your current standing with Critters.
File: minipet reborn08-07-08
Lordfather has recently updated his...
Posted By: TomWolf
Lordfather has recently updated his minipet addon, can be found at warcraftpets.com. Don't know wich is better but makes the name "reborn" mean that his version sucks instead of being long time from last update. One of these days I'll download this and make a comparison of the two, when/if I do I'll post the results here =) :ba...
File: CritterTalk08-05-08
I'm working on the next release of...
Posted By: TomWolf
I'm working on the next release of this addon wich will be done with Ace2 libraries and hopefully a graphical way of changing settings, and ofcourse more funny things to say before you kill a critter.
File: Labyrinth (3D Maze Game)08-05-08
Pretty Amazing if you ask me =)...
Posted By: TomWolf
Pretty Amazing if you ask me =) Very well done.
File: CritterTalk08-02-08
I'm uploading a fix for the problem...
Posted By: TomWolf
I'm uploading a fix for the problem right now Fred. Thanks for pointing it out. Originally posted by fred When I type /crittertalk on all I get it chat is "type /help for a list of chat commands"...I don't think it's suppose to do that.
File: CritterTalk07-31-08
Thank you oddtoddy. Problem was...
Posted By: TomWolf
Thank you oddtoddy. Problem was that only On and Off (compared to on and off) worked. I'm uploading a version now where both O and o counts. I've added a thank you for pointing it out in the readme file.