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File: DocsNameplates04-29-11
skycatcher great job now i have...
Posted By: Edding8040
skycatcher great job now i have no errors
File: AuctionLite05-08-09
I have a problem with the german cl...
Posted By: Edding8040
I have a problem with the german clint the first auction ther are no problems but when i make the sec. auction i can't put the stack in the case. please help and sorry for the bad english
File: Buffet11-28-08
Please support Runic Mana Injector...
Posted By: Edding8040
Please support Runic Mana Injector for the german clint "Runenbeschriebene Manatrankeinspritzung"
File: FuBar - ChannelFu06-22-08
Doesn't work, getting error : Fu...
Posted By: Edding8040
Doesn't work, getting error : FuBar_ChannelFu-2.4.2\Core.lua:10: Cannot find a library instance of Babble-Class-2.2. BugSack-\Libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:490: in function `AceLibrary' FuBar_ChannelFu-2.4.2\Core.lua:10: in main chunk i use the german client