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File: Discord Unit Frames12-12-12
Re: Re: You Rock
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That is an awesome idea, it would make life easier for everyone. Swapping back and forth between layout, with the fonts and graphics tagging right along. Fizzlemizz these are great additions to both addons Thanks Tellat, Hot swapping entire texture sets, who'd o' thought :D. I'll be adding the same ability to DART over the next d...
File: Discord Unit Frames12-11-12
You Rock
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Thank you for adding the ability to put in the root path! no more copy/paste and change dance! :banana:
File: Comics UI12-08-12
Wow thank you for boiling down the...
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Wow thank you for boiling down the lexicon of your collected human knowledge into a term so full of helpful insight, direction and suggestion for improvement....trollbate OMG this UI looks sooooooooo......................................................... crap!!!!
File: Comics UI12-05-12
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Also with the move to new folders for the textures and the fonts now DUF and DART can be updated without blowing out the interface.
File: Talli Discord Unit Frames Layout12-01-12
Re: ok where do install this addon too
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NOTE: Before making the changes described below save a copy of your :\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\\SavedVariables\DiscordUnitFrames.lua file. To use a configuration: Open this file :\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\\SavedVariables\DiscordUnitFrames.lua in notepad/text edit/ text wrangler what ever you use. Then open another window...
File: Discord Unit Frames11-28-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: my portrait dissappeared
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Hi iBlaze, So is everything ok? If not which unit frame layout were you working with? Not all the layouts that I posted have all the items connected to the Unit Frame, Frame.:rolleyes: "Try setting the portraits Attach Frame to Unit Frame, Attach Point and Attach To to Center and setting the X and Y coordinates to zero. That shou...
File: Discord Unit Frames11-25-12
Can tell you one thing about dart t...
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Can tell you one thing about dart that was different than the others.. besides being scriptable it could handle files that were sizes like 256 x 128 or 256 x 512, some of the off sizes instead of being exact powers of 2 - so 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512 in width and height, Hi Blazingstorm, I did have a look at both DAB an...
File: Meteor UI [1920x1080]10-12-12
Mazzle Ui
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Hi, I understand what you are saying its been very tough to find a replacement. However Discord Unit frames have been updated by FizzleMizz see it at Discord Unit Frames and you can set up the original Mazzle UF or FizzleMizz's variation on it and it works very well! Thanks for trying to re-create Mazzle. -Tellat
File: Discord Unit Frames05-13-12
Thank You!
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Thanks for updating DUF, I have now started to put my rendition of Charcoal together. Now how about maybe updating a version of DAB :D As for DUF its been working great
File: SunUI10-13-11
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I see DCT is localized For Chinese but that its a modified version of SCT so I could just replace DCT with SCT correct? Thanks for the link to nugrunning :) -Tellat
File: Mapster04-26-11
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Originally posted by Duchess Hi. I am not really good with addons. Could someone please explain how to do this in layman's terms. Thanks Ok first thing to do is to use a text editor like notepad on Win or TextEdit on Mac Open mapster.lua Then do a find/replace put this in the find field NUM_WORLDMAP_DETAIL_TILES...