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File: BugSack07-13-10
Latest update (July 12th. 2010) hav...
Posted By: briped
Latest update (July 12th. 2010) have broken the dropdown menu, so can't disable the annoying Fatality sound. EDIT. Did another restart of WoW and it worked, I could get to options for the addon again and disable the sound.
File: Broker uClock09-16-09
The "show clock" checkmark for disa...
Posted By: briped
The "show clock" checkmark for disabling the build-in Blizzard clock isn't saved across sessions, actually it doesn't seem to be saved within same session (checkmark is back when opening options second time, after having removed checkmark).
File: Broker_repair09-13-09
So far the LDB addon that best emul...
Posted By: briped
So far the LDB addon that best emulates Fubar_DurabilityFu, so thanks for that :) A few feature requests that would be nice are: 1. Make it save settings across sessions, as pqee mentioned it doesn't do this :( 2. An option to have it prompt whether or not it should auto repair/sell. With those 2 additions this would be perfect...