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File: DoubleWide06-02-08
Re: a possible fix
Posted By: StarNocturno
I deleted both doublewide and lightheaded and reinstalled and now its working :)
File: DoubleWide05-30-08
Re: Re: Quest title list overflows frame
Posted By: StarNocturno
Another having the same issue after the patch. here is also a list of my other addons. There is no wow error message or anything just the quest log overflow and no scrollbar. Date: 2008-05-28 20:06:23 AddOns: AckisRecipeList, v0.88 ArcHUD2, v2.2 ArmorCraft, v20300-1.$Revision: 64 $ Atlas, v1.11.0 AtlasBattlegrou...
File: LightHeaded04-19-08
really am sorry, thought i did have...
Posted By: StarNocturno
really am sorry, thought i did have the latest version but just noticed the case. I did redownloaded again and everything back to normal yay. next time i will download before posting. thank you tho for your quick response :)
File: LightHeaded04-18-08
First off want to say that i Love y...
Posted By: StarNocturno
First off want to say that i Love your addons! I used both LH and Tomtom and not sure which forum i should post this under. I use the most recent versions of both and noticed that the waypoints no longer show the quest name on the tooltips. Instead the quest number is shown. What i used to do alot when leveling alts is i would click...