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File: Roth UI (Diablo)04-04-13
Heya Zork! Thanks for the help wit...
Posted By: Bornabe
Heya Zork! Thanks for the help with the RothUI-arv Druid Cat form orb fix. Is there a way to remove the onHover Tooltip for the XP / Rep bar and replace that with an onHover or Option to onHover / AlwaysShow a one-line of text? I used to use XPBar and loved how it would show on the bar always and onHover the bar would switch to...
File: BigWigs Bossmods03-15-13
I can't seem to find this information on Google or the forums I've tried searching.
Posted By: Bornabe
Does anyone know how to disable the giant flashing icon that happens in the center of the screen? I've tried looking for this on Google and in various forums but don't seem to be having any luck.
File: Iko Unitframes04-10-12
How ya been doing?
Posted By: Bornabe
Was curious if these UnitFrames are still being worked on? I love them, best design there is. I was going to ask for a few features if they are something you might like to try out. Main thing I was thinking for the Party Frames was to make them closer together if possible, and even a little larger, for use with Clique and Healer...
File: Discord Unit Frames12-15-11
I love how the author's name is sim...
Posted By: Bornabe
I love how the author's name is similar to Mazzlefizz, love this unit frame setup!!! I always wondered if someone could resurrect this.
File: Raid Loot12-10-11
I'm not sure if it's already workin...
Posted By: Bornabe
I'm not sure if it's already working this way or not, hard to check without being in a raid, but is there a feature or could there be to track who's already won something for their MS / OS? So things aren't awarded to someone if they roll and already won.
File: MBXtreme UI - RELOADED!!! 1920*108012-06-11
Reflux had an update recently, and...
Posted By: Bornabe
Reflux had an update recently, and with BornabeUI, I'm rebuilding it from scratch to weed out some of the tidbit bugs 4.3 introduced and trying my dam nest to not use 'too old' add ons, since Blizzard wanted to Ninja-Patch and BLEEP so many things up most don't notice, lol. See if updating Reflux fixes your issues guys.
File: MBXtreme UI - RELOADED!!! 1920*108012-01-11
Vedy Vedy Nice!
Posted By: Bornabe
Beautifully done! I love the look, the layout, absolutely everything. You've done a wonderful job at building this UI setup.
File: MuchMoreMunch11-29-11
Showin' no Icon for me on my Munchy...
Posted By: Bornabe
Showin' no Icon for me on my Munchy Macros after v4.3.
File: Ackis Recipe List11-23-11
I'm in an odd situation... I've tri...
Posted By: Bornabe
I'm in an odd situation... I've tried going down to just ARL installed, nothing else... and when I first open the trade skill window, there's no scan button... then I close and reopen it... I get a scan button, I click, it goes to town and says I'm missing XX in each category... good, good, then I click on the + to see what I'm missi...
File: UIScaler11-20-11
Would there be a way to build this...
Posted By: Bornabe
Would there be a way to build this into something that could recognize a user's resolution upon login and adjust the scale based on their desired setting per that resolution? I use multiple resolutions and currently simply enable this add-on with my setting in it for my laptop display and disable it when I use my external 27" disp...
File: UIScale11-17-11
I... Love... You. I use BornabeU...
Posted By: Bornabe
I... Love... You. I use BornabeUI now on a 17" MacBook Pro, with a 1920x1200 resolution... and when I'm at home I connected my MBP to a 27" ThunderBolt Display with a resolution of 2560x1440... well, you can see the problem right there, lol. Your add-on has saved me both the hassle of not having you create two entirely separate...
File: GuildMaster11-12-11
This seemed to not like my guild wi...
Posted By: Bornabe
This seemed to not like my guild window at all... this working for everyone on 4.2.2? I would love to utilize this for my guild, but have been hesitant pre v2.0, but v2.0 seems like it has the features implemented that would be easy to get my guildies in on.
File: Guild Roles11-12-11
Once the data sharing is in-place,...
Posted By: Bornabe
Once the data sharing is in-place, can I suggest that Officer 'adjustments' take priority over the remaining members' changes? So that say... Rank 0 adjustments over-write all other rank data changes? Would hate to have any member just plugging their data in and whoever changed it last take priority. I'm not sure how data sharin...
File: QuestLevelDisplay10-29-11
I would love to see that for downlo...
Posted By: Bornabe
I would love to see that for download as well. :-D
File: LUI v310-26-11
I can't seem to get to the wow-lui....
Posted By: Bornabe
I can't seem to get to the wow-lui.com web site anymore, is it down?
File: Iko Unitframes10-26-11
Main thing I was thinking for the P...
Posted By: Bornabe
Main thing I was thinking for the Party Frames was to make them closer together if possible, and even a little larger, for use with Clique and Healers to easily be able to Shift / Control / Alt click for healing, etc... So far there isn't any better unit frames out there, yours are top-notch.
File: Iko Unitframes10-25-11
Posted By: Bornabe
I've come across a million Unit Frames and even endured a month-long build up using Pitbull4 and am trying to slim down usage, these will come in handy for the next iteration of BornabeUI. Any plans for Party frames by chance?
File: BTex Fan update10-05-11
Let me know if I need to do anythin...
Posted By: Bornabe
Let me know if I need to do anything to the BornabeUI BTex Skins / PSD Layout file for your update if necessary. I switched to KGPanels a while back, but can make an update for anyone who enjoys my WarCraft III styled panels.
File: Bagnon09-16-11
Latest update of Bagnon (Only add-o...
Posted By: Bornabe
Latest update of Bagnon (Only add-on that updated today in my list) prevents Masque from working and skinning Bartender bars (And possibly others).
File: Achieved!09-13-11
I get the following error, only whe...
Posted By: Bornabe
I get the following error, only when using this add-on, and am also using Overachiever, but with this add-on off, do not receive the error, and with Overachiever off, still get the error when an Achievement pops up. Have also gotten it with no other add-ons other than this one running and usually the dungeon gets completed. 1x...
File: famBags09-11-11
Is there a way to remove the - + ne...
Posted By: Bornabe
Is there a way to remove the - + next to the section titles so it shows the whole title instead of W... or Arm... etc? I don't need to ever close or minimize a section, I like them all showing all the time. By the way, amazing bag mod. VERY VERY impressive work. I've been a Baggins user since day 1 and am now making the switch...
File: Bagnon09-10-11
All working for me.
Posted By: Bornabe
Everything is working for me, I was hoping to post a Request if it's even possible: An optional appearance providing Bagnon with a more Default appearance for the Frame, but with all the wonderful features of Bagnon. Just switched from Baggins and never thought I would be ok without the automatic category filtering, but Bagnon is...
File: Tidy Plates09-08-11
You sir, are awesome. ... That wo...
Posted By: Bornabe
You sir, are awesome. ... That word still in the cool kids vocabulary? I'm so dated, lol. It's possible, actually. I'd written a proof-of-concept a while back. It was all hard-coded, though. Would need a GUI to really make it useful. Basically, it was a theme which looked within other theme tables, and made a copy of the ch...
File: Tidy Plates09-04-11
Multiple Styles?
Posted By: Bornabe
I was thinking the other day since I only use the plates on non-neutral mobs... I use the Grey theme, and thought... ya know what... what if we could have one theme for a type of mob, and another for say... players? And if that's possible, would we be able to have say... one theme for Mobs, and one theme for enemy players only, an...
File: Critline08-04-11
Critline Tooltip?
Posted By: Bornabe
There used to be an excellent plug-in for this add-on called Critline Tooltip, where the top regular and top crit for each ability could be seen when hovering over it's action button. I haven't played in a while, and have an old version of it, but can't seem to find where it's gone and if I could find it again. Anyone by chance use...