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File: MapNotes10-29-10
Is this going to be updated? It wor...
Posted By: dav777
Is this going to be updated? It worked very well until patch 4.0.1 but has some minor issues at the moment. It's a great addon an I haven't found anything like it to replace it with.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-15-10
Does 'Right Click' work on itemstha...
Posted By: dav777
Does 'Right Click' work on itemsthat aren't in the database? It doesn't seem to query the server for the info. Even if I click on the 'Query Server' button nothing happens.
File: Speedy Actions11-28-09
Macaroon Bars Doesn't work :(
Posted By: dav777
When SpeedyActions is active it uses spells from the Caster Form bar when I am in other stances such as cat or bear. It also seems to disable those buttons. Cheers :)