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how can I hide the default blizzard...
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how can I hide the default blizzard raid framework? If u are looking for a way to hide it by lua, this should be what u want: -- Hide blizzard raid frames CompactRaidFrameContainer:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide() CompactRaidFrameManager:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide()
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Thank you for the answer!
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Originally posted by p3lim new toggleParty: toggleParty:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self) if(InCombatLockdown()) then self:RegisterEvent"PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED" else self:UnregisterEvent"PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED" if HIDE_PARTY_INTERFACE == "1" and GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 then party:Hide() for i = 1, 4 do pts:Hide()...
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Re: Re: PartyTargets
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Originally posted by p3lim local pts = {} pts = oUF:Spawn("party1target", "oUF_Party1Target") pts:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", party, "TOPRIGHT", 5, 0) for i =2, 4 do pts = oUF:Spawn("party"..i.."target", "oUF_Party"..i.."Target") pts:SetPoint("TOP", pts, "BOTTOM", 0, -50) end should work.. i havent tried out It did work, but can...