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File: Clean Icons - Crisp08-27-13
Heroic Tidal Force Treads icon is c...
Posted By: MaXiMiUS
Heroic Tidal Force Treads icon is completely blank in this icon set. Inv_boots_plate_deathknight_m_01 Edit: Version - Updated: 08-26-13 09:28 PM
File: Clean Icons - Crisp06-16-13
INV_knife_1h_pandaraid_d_02.blp for...
Posted By: MaXiMiUS
INV_knife_1h_pandaraid_d_02.blp for some reason is 512*512 in this Icon pack. This icon MUST be 64x64 in order to open the socketing UI successfully. Error is as follows: 1x Blizzard_ItemSocketingUI.lua:172: SetPortraitToTexture(): image must be 64x64 pixels Blizzard_ItemSocketingUI.lua:172: in function
File: ncBiggerMacros07-19-10
The #showtooltip issue is very easy...
Posted By: MaXiMiUS
The #showtooltip issue is very easy to fix: Replace: EditMacro(MacroFrame.selectedMacro, nil, nil, "/click ExtraMacros"..MacroFrame.selectedMacro) With: local macroHeader = strmatch(body, "(#show*)") if macroHeader == nil then macroHeader = "" else macroHeader = macroHeader .. "\n" end...