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File: Party Ability Bars03-17-10
Is there an addon that does the sam...
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Is there an addon that does the same thing as this, yet is maintained? i've googled a bit but nothing has come up. This one is constantly spamming me with "not in a party" errors.
File: Clique12-19-09
Is there a way (even by editing the...
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Is there a way (even by editing the lua file) to set up mousewheel up/down as a functioning bind?
File: ForteXorcist07-21-09
Re: can't show config window?
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Originally posted by beertino My friend just installed fortex, but he had this problem and i tried to help him. i typed /fx, /fex, /fw and i can't get the config window to come up. Tried reinstalling it too but to no avail. Could somebody suggest what i can do to fix this? I get the same issue for some reason after updating to...
File: Afflicted306-08-09
Spam in Dalaran
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i couldn't get github to accept my issue, it just redirected me to the homepage. Sorry for posting it here instead. Is there any way we could have a toggle to disable bars while in a sanctuary environment (dalaran/shattrath/argent tournament grounds) unless we are dueling someone or end up in combat somehow? Dalaran is exceptiona...
File: TomTom12-21-08
question about waypoint ordering
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I'm trying to get tomtom to change the crazyarrow to point to the next waypoint in a series that I have made once I reach the one preceding it. So basically, once I reach waypoint 5, point to 6. When I get to the end of the list of waypoints, start over. Is there functionality to do this? I know that is a pretty specific design s...
File: Outfitter05-07-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Outfit that swaps action bars - possible?
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I created a new outfit but when I tried to associate the solo/party/raid script to it so I could modify it as you suggested I get this error: "Interface\Addons\Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:2419: attempt to index field '?' (a nil field)" I tried associating the outfit to a different script like the Argent Dawn one and it worked fine....
File: Outfitter04-29-08
Re: Re: Item Swapping with unique-equipped gems
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Outfitter is version 4.2 When trying to do the command (with any item, not just the helmet): /outfitter iteminfo I get the following error: Unknown Command h edit: by itself with no link the command returns "Couldn't get item info from the link provided" Tried linking the item with a space and without a space aft...
File: Outfitter04-26-08
Item Swapping with unique-equipped gems
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I'm having an issue with outfitter trying to swap sets that involve items containing unique-equipped gems. For example, in my tankadin set I have a Falling Star gem (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=33135) in my breastplate. When I try to switch to my healing set (which also has a Falling Star gem, but this set has it in the helme...