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File: Satrina Buff Frames 311-20-08
great mod
Posted By: kluu
great mod satrina. this kinda reminds me of Discord with all the complicated config, but im getting the hang of it. thanks
File: CasterWeaponSwapper08-26-08
do any of the versions still swap w...
Posted By: kluu
do any of the versions still swap weapons correctly even if it takes me an extra GCD? I'm kinda tired of it swapping to my spirit stick then it doesnt go back.
File: Afflicted304-27-08
Dispel Reporter?
Posted By: kluu
Hey Shadowd, in case you didnt get my private message... Love afflicted 2, great mod you've created. I like the cooldown tracker and all, but I'm really only interested in the dispel reporting. I used to use Dispelreporter, but it looks like that mod is dead now and I've been trying to find a mod to replace it. Afflicted did...