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File: MikScrollingBattleText03-24-12
Arcane Blast
Posted By: missakins
I've tried looking for it in the comments, and no joy... How would I get MSBT to play a noise when I get 3 stacks of Arcane Blast?
File: TomTom10-19-11
adding waypoints for hallow's end
Posted By: missakins
Ok, I did this tonight...Cladhaire's directions worked well. Here's what I did: Download WowLua Install it like any other addon, exit wow and restart or install with wow closed. In the chat pane type /lua to bring up the WowLua editor. Paste in the contents of my text files in the top part (link below) Click the third button...
File: TransporterFu11-27-08
this does werk
Posted By: missakins
This does work beautifully for me in current patch (3.0.2) just can you add portal and teleport for dalaran?
File: Bongos304-27-08
Posted By: missakins
I just redid all my addons, and got Bongos 3 this time. I previously had a countdown that displayed 'Xmin' on a button until it started counting down from '59'. Is this something that Bongos was doing for me? I do not like the 'second hand type wipe' that I get now, I want it to show me the numbers on a button to indicate cooldown.