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File: LightHeaded05-02-08
Re: Re: Skinner / Lightheaded 2.4 compat
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Originally posted by Cladhaire I don't support skinner, whatsoever. Nothing's change in LightHeaded, so I suggest you contact jnc. Cool, was just in case this had been due to changes to LH for 2.4. will make sure i got latest V of skinner and see if it's been fixed. if not as said i'll pass it onto JNC with a list of what i'm r...
File: LightHeaded05-01-08
Skinner / Lightheaded 2.4 compat
Posted By: EvilVonbek
using fubar 3.0 ( 2.4 compat ), skinner ( 2.4 compliant ) and LH ( 2.4 compat ). all addons clean installed for 2.4 compliant versions and as many ACE as poss ( already got rid of all conflict apart from those that cropped up for 2 days with last mini-patch ). only thing i've noticed is both LH and Outfitter now sit offset bot...