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File: teksLoot03-26-10
I'd also like to have this resize'a...
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I'd also like to have this resize'able. I've gone to the Tekkub's tracker and found someone has recently requested this feature in the manner the author has requested. If you'd like this feature built into an update, please go to the tracker (link on the description page) and vote up the scale option, please. (No account set-up is ne...
File: EventHorizon Continued03-22-10
Thanks for the reply. I understand...
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Thanks for the reply. I understand your point of view. I just found in your Redshift comments on the functions /ehz and /eventhorizon to hide the frame, and I think that will do. In fact, I'll be adding Redshift for the show/hide functionality based on combat, vehicles, etc. Originally posted by Taroven Thanks for the feedback....
File: EventHorizon Continued03-21-10
Very cool addon! I'm using it mainl...
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Very cool addon! I'm using it mainly for my druid tanking-spec. It really helps me maintain all of my dots and maximize my rotation and spell-priority choice. I'd like to know if there's something I can add to the lua that would enable the addon for a primary spec and disable (or just hide) the addon when switching to a secondary...
File: TauntMaster03-21-10
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I've been using your addon for a while in my Feral Bear tanking role. It's a handy addon. Thanks! -- Couple questions: 1. I'd like to know if instead of spells we can assign macros to the buttons -- I haven't tried this, but I will ... 2. Is it possible to have this addon set up differently for our secondary talent spec? As a Boo...
File: VuhDo12-04-09
Originally posted by Iza /edit: N...
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Originally posted by Iza /edit: Next update panels will be static again... Thanks! Having to place Vuhdo outside my nUI+ panel has been an annoyance, even if the change was well-intended. I've used HB and Grid (all tweaked out), and I've got'ta hand it to you, Vuhdo rocks! Great work!
File: VuhDo10-21-09
Your Web Site - Off Line?
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First things first: Very nice addon! You include a URL to your web site in your description: http://vuhdo.ithato.com/HomePage It seems it's off-line. While Google's cached data has helped me access an older version of your documentation, would you provide an updated URL for this addon's documentation?
File: ArtPad06-05-09
/ap command
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Nice addon. In case you didn't know your /ap command is shared by the popular autoprofit addon. While /artpad works, you may want to give some consideration to a slightly modified short options.
File: AzCastBar06-01-09
Very cool! Thank you. NiteSwine...
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Very cool! Thank you. NiteSwine You can open up "acb_Auras\core.lua", and go to the very bottom, and add a something like this: SpawnAuraPlugin("PetAuras"); Then reload wow, and you should have a new plugin named PetAuras. You can configure this by setting the unit to track to "pet", and you now have a pet aura bar. There is cu...
File: AzCastBar05-27-09
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I'm a recent convert. Very nice mod. Replaces a couple addons I've enjoyed for a long time. Unless I missed something, I'd like to request two options: 1. Pet auras - as a hunter, it is important to see what's active on my pet. The pet bar in the addon is great for casting, but does not show auras, buffs, etc. Additionally, I had...