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File: Khaos Standalone08-04-09
Re: little bug
Posted By: Bob9000
Originally posted by crishna Hi mister, thanks for the great job, but i dont know if its a combination of mods i have or not, but example, when i enable khaos, and if a roll it appears twice on the screen, in the general chat windows.... well, everyone that rolls makes their roll appear twice, that goes also for guildmates message...
File: Prat 3.006-13-09
Patch to fix TasteTheNaimbow intera...
Posted By: Bob9000
Patch to fix TasteTheNaimbow interaction: --- Prat-3.0-orig/modules/PlayerNames.lua 2009-06-12 23:19:35.000000000 -0500 +++ Prat-3.0/modules/PlayerNames.lua 2009-06-13 11:04:15.000000000 -0500 @@ -1143,7 +1143,7 @@ -- local CLR = Prat.CLR function CLR:Bracket(text) return self:Colorize(module:GetBracketCLR(), text) end -f...
File: TasteTheNaimbow10-17-08
Re: Please Update for 3.0
Posted By: Bob9000
Here's a working (afaik) version I threw together. http://my.curse.com/members/bob9000/files/TasteTheNaimbow_2D00_wotlk.zip.aspx (This is based on the version in Cosmos, which appears to be 1.45. If anyone needs a 1.46 version I'll redo it.)