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File: Toresh's UI12-30-10
I can see the bags. Let me be a li...
Posted By: Coldricton
I can see the bags. Let me be a little more clear. So I went to Shattrath to pickup the achievement for equipping Haris Pilton's "Gigantique" bag. To obtain the achieve, you have to equip the bag. As I'm unable to open and see the bag icons I'm currently using to swap I'm unable to obtain this achieve. I suppose I could DL anoth...
File: Toresh's UI12-26-10
I'm running into a minor issue, and...
Posted By: Coldricton
I'm running into a minor issue, and I'm wondering if I'm just missing where to turn the option on. I'm having trouble replacing bags / seeing my keyring. Is there an option to enable this so I can swap bags? Edit: Found the keyring using the toggle boxes, but I'm still not seeing an option for showing bags.
File: Tank Battle Warnings05-07-08
Posted By: Coldricton
Is there a way to change the channels that the warnings are announced in and if so how. Thanks