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File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)04-19-13
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Posted By: jdehnert
I was wondering if you have a web page anywhere that details what is shown for each different class? I'm curious because I have been running a Druid lately and I'm pretty sure I can't see my mana usage, but I'm not certain of that. -- Thanks, James "Zeke" Dehnert [email protected]
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)10-10-12
Broken as of 10/10
Posted By: jdehnert
As of 10/10 I just started getting an error when I logged in. It points at tags.lua line 87. Error message is... ...\AddOns\oUF_Mlight.lua line 87: attempt to index field 'TagEvents' (a nil value) It is also listing this add on as "out of date" all of a sudden as well. Not sure whats happening there. I'll post the whol...
File: HitTable03-11-09
Any Issues on Macs?
Posted By: jdehnert
I added this to my system, but it does not show up, even after restarting WoW. Have you done any testing on Macs? My Mac runs most all of the add-ons that I have tried, and I would love to get this working. I could not find any info in the wow log files.