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File: Auditor05-01-09
I really have no idea how to fix th...
Posted By: Heracy
I really have no idea how to fix this and can't use any of the menu options. I was not using a mini map mod when this occurred. I tried using ricominimap and found that it does not allow repositioning of all the icons either. Any ideas? Two, actually...use fubar (or other data broker display...if auditor works with them...) or...
File: QuestHelper04-18-09
I'm not going to lie, since I got Q...
Posted By: Heracy
I'm not going to lie, since I got QH I don't use Tomtom for anything else, and wouldn't miss it in the least, as long as you keep your own arrow.
File: Auditor01-23-09
Posted By: Heracy
the most recent update seems to have broken almost everything....auditor no longer works at all....nothing shows up ever. :(
File: ImprovedMerchant01-10-09
I am seeing the same problem as Dri...
Posted By: Heracy
I am seeing the same problem as Dridzt, just so you know he is not the only one.
File: Ghost: Recon01-10-09
Not sure what you can do about it,...
Posted By: Heracy
Not sure what you can do about it, but the tooltip behavior when using a tooltip mod like tiptac is odd. It seems to double the icons, and they linger after the tooltip fades. Not a terrible inconvenience, but it makes my OCD-induced interface look slightly off. Other than that, thanks for this great idea.
File: nUI01-07-09
Well.....and I know this is bad.......
Posted By: Heracy
Well.....and I know this is bad.....but I think it's nui because I disabled nui and the problem went away. This probably means another mod is conflicting with it, and it isn't your fault. I'm using the player/target and playing on the US servers. I have not done any further testing with nui because the interface i have now works and...
File: nUI01-06-09
ok, so, i just searched through the...
Posted By: Heracy
ok, so, i just searched through the las13 pages of comments, and i dont think i already posted this, so here goes. Though, i cant imagine why i didnt when i first noticed this. When I have nui enabled, and yes I have tested this and it is nui, whenever i target something and then untarget it so my health and mana bars fade, i end...
File: QuestHelper11-28-08
about the size
Posted By: Heracy
I just have to point out that if you don't like the size of such a wonderfully feature-rich addon, you can always use a less comprehensive and lower-grade quest helping addon. Sadly, they do exist. All the "garbage" you guys complain about have increased my xp gain twofold. Of course, it always helps to have a monster computer ;)
File: OneBag311-25-08
in other similar mods, not being ab...
Posted By: Heracy
in other similar mods, not being able to click on the items in your bag means the background for the bags is overlapping the foreground for some reason. It is a problem that affects a small percentage of people (me). Adding in an option to force the background to the back layer usually fixes this. I'm not a programmer, so i don't kno...
File: nUI11-17-08
item compare
Posted By: Heracy
for what i think you are looking for, i use, surprisingly enough, equipcompare. however, i also use a mod called ratingbuster, which automatically shows in the tooltip how an item compares to your currently equipped item in that slot on mouseover. they both are great mods, and could be really nice intergrated into nui.
File: nUI11-09-08
beta test
Posted By: Heracy
what about the free beta keys WoWInterface was giving away to addon authors? Or are those no longer available?
File: DragEmAll10-25-08
if you want to keep the AH window o...
Posted By: Heracy
if you want to keep the AH window open why not just use Auctioneer? I like this addon because it is so simple and has no extras that i would have to bother to turn off because they might interfere with another mod.
File: UberQuest10-24-08
I'm not trying to hate on you in an...
Posted By: Heracy
I'm not trying to hate on you in any way, and i'm sure that there are things in this mod that make it unique, but how is it different from other mods that do something similar, like doublewide, for example...I like to know exactly what feature set an addon has when i'm comparing against my current addons, so i'd like to know more abo...
File: DoubleWide10-18-08
Just wanted to say that I love this...
Posted By: Heracy
Just wanted to say that I love this mod, but I have to wonder as to why blizzard didn't just do this from the start. The default quest log is dumb, and this is such a simple addon, like the description says. I thought that for sure this would be one of the addons that made it into retail code with the new patch, but nope. Not that I...