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File: Lifebloomer 1.6.108-28-08
Re: Re: Odd Problem
Posted By: Cerastes
Originally posted by Mirari You've stumped me! That's a very odd problem indeed, and I can't seem to replicate it either. Any tips on what settings you have that might affect it (an odd screen resolution, tho I can't imagine that would cause this)? where is this position that it converges on? is it half way down or some random...
File: Lifebloomer 1.6.108-27-08
Odd Problem
Posted By: Cerastes
Great addOn, just an odd problem. I position LB top right of my screen. If I exit game or /reloadui LB moves down the screen each time until it moves to a position it wants to stay at? Any ideas, like I say odd problem.
File: LightHeaded05-13-08
Quest Text Help
Posted By: Cerastes
Your screenshots show the quest text next to the quest list. Mine is still default one above each other. How do I move the text to the right as per your screenshot's please?