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File: TomTomLite02-06-11
Arrow and text position
Posted By: Vyx
Hi, I was wondering if you could instruct me what I need to modify to adjust the arrow and text position. Currently it sits on the top of my character and I'd like to move it up to the top of the screen. I looked through most of the .lua files but didn't see anything that looked correct. Thanks for your work on all your great a...
File: LUI v310-12-10
Just wanted to stop in to say thank...
Posted By: Vyx
Just wanted to stop in to say thank you for all your hard work. I only recently found your UI but I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work. I think I speak for all your users when I say we are very excited for the upcoming release.
File: Bartender412-19-09
Dual Spec Keybindings
Posted By: Vyx
I'm having a bit of a problem. When I change between my specs, some of the keybinds are lost and I have to rebind them. Anyone know whats going on?
File: Caith UI12-10-09
Minimap isn't showing the coordinat...
Posted By: Vyx
Minimap isn't showing the coordinates. How do I get this to display?