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File: Market Watcher09-02-09
Re: Re: Backup the Items/Data
Posted By: yacko
Another Program I use is MMOUI Minion so I am not sure if this could be causing the problem.
File: Market Watcher09-01-09
Backup the Items/Data
Posted By: yacko
Ok I keep all my scan items for some reason. I assume its when Cache gets wiped out but not positive. Is there a way to Import/Export items in the list that I want to scan for? This might be a nice addition, but if not, where can I backup the data that it uses so I don't loose my month of scans. BTW I LOVE this addon my friends...
File: TomTom12-17-08
Allow Group quests to so up for Individuals
Posted By: yacko
I have a small suggestion, I am not sure if these are already in the comments as there are so many of them. Make it so that you can see locations of group quests when you are not in a group. Maybe a slider in the properties that gives the options of doing group quests for X number of people. For instance, if you think you can d...