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File: OPie04-20-13
Re: Re: problem
Posted By: Zelnia
tnx you. i love modding my interface and using addons. i tried a lot of them almost every addon XD But Opie its my favourite addon. Please keep it up until wow exists =) and maybe u can give some hint to those guys http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/46856-radial-menu-scripts/ they are building a radial menu for windows with...
File: OPie04-17-13
Posted By: Zelnia
ive a problem trying to update a custom macro. it doesnt save the updates. if i try to make a new custom macro i get this error Message: Interface\AddOns\OPie\Meta\RingKeeper.lua:149: Error: No flyout found for ID=%i Time: 04/18/13 01:37:46 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `GetFlyoutInfo' Interface\AddOns\OPie\Meta\RingKeeper....
File: OPie12-10-12
Re: Re: Game Menu possible?
Posted By: Zelnia
some macro like /run securecall(ToggleEncounterJournal) /run securecall(TogglePetJournal) /run securecall(ToggleAllBags) or /run ToggleFrame(PVPFrame) /run ToggleFriendsFrame(1) /run ToggleFrame(QuestLogFrame) /run ToggleAchievementFrame() /run ToggleTalentFrame() /run ToggleFrame(SpellBookFrame) /run ToggleCharacter("Pap...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)01-18-12
Posted By: Zelnia
there is a way to unfilter wispers from the main chat frame so i can read wispers both in the normal chat and in the wim windows ?
File: Cellular01-11-12
Question: There used to be an op...
Posted By: Zelnia
Question: There used to be an option in Cellular to not remove whispers from the chat window. So basically if you chose that option, you'd see the whispers in Cellular and the chat window. Is there any way to still enable this? same question
File: Mega Damage (Warlords Compatible)11-05-11
awesome, but i rly think its too sm...
Posted By: Zelnia
awesome, but i rly think its too small. Can u enlarge the "mega damage" image x2 or 2,5?. The image for a mega damge must be mega and not only "big".
File: FlyoutButton Custom10-05-11
Re: Re: Very Nice addon
Posted By: Zelnia
Action buttons right-click while not in combat to set action to bar button. Supported default Blizzard action bars and "Button Forge". Can u add a bartender compatibility for this feature pls? :)
File: MuchMoreMacro09-24-11
Re: Re: Re: Change profile by Macro
Posted By: Zelnia
Originally posted by Zelnia mmm why i cant find a heart icon in this forum? i love you :D :banana::banana::banana:
File: MuchMoreMacro09-23-11
Re: Re: Problem
Posted By: Zelnia
Originally posted by lokyst I have not been able to figure out a way to do this. If you know of another addon that is able to do something like this, let me know and I'll see if their method can be applied here. I think u can take some ideas from macaroon http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10636-Macaroon.html It appear...
File: MuchMoreMacro09-09-11
Re: Re: Change profile by Macro
Posted By: Zelnia
Originally posted by lokyst Added minimap icon in 1.2.0. You can now change profiles with a macro command using: /mmmacro profile choose mmm why i cant find a heart icon in this forum? i love you :D
File: MuchMoreMacro09-08-11
Change profile by Macro
Posted By: Zelnia
I rly love this addons tnx for this work. :) what is the Script/Command to switch profiles by a macro ? A LBD or a Minimap button will be useful. aniway i need the command to create my own menu by http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/arbitcomm.aspx Arbitrary Command and MuchMoreMacro could be a single powerfu...
File: Threat Plates03-03-11
special color for offtanked mob
Posted By: Zelnia
im looking for a simple way to know what mobs are tanked by my offtank. How i can realize this? I see all mobs untanked by me in red but i dont knw wich are tanked by the off tank e wich are going to the healers...
File: FlyoutButton Custom01-12-11
Posted By: Zelnia
nice!! tnx a lot
File: FlyoutButton Custom01-11-11
Re: Re: nice addon
Posted By: Zelnia
Originally posted by another Main page: This means I can't replace action button in combat. Programming buttons for WoW is like playing "Minesweeper". I can easily do any stuff, but when it comes to something usable in combat - I should use secure templates and there is not much I can do. lol where in my word i told "in...
File: FlyoutButton Custom01-09-11
nice addon
Posted By: Zelnia
rly nice addon but i still need a couple of features to use it 1. a simple way to swap the main button with one of the list, for example if i have a button A with a list of spell BCD i would like to do a right click on "D" to swap A with D. 2. A unlimited macro bank compatible. im a keybinder and im using a lot of macros over...
File: Threat Plates10-05-10
color for other tanked plates
Posted By: Zelnia
its possible to set a custom color for nameplates of NPC tanked by other raid main tanks? or set a custom color for npc that have in target a particular player? tnx for response and sorry for my bad english :)
File: Chat Consolidate08-19-10
Originally posted by Xubera incom...
Posted By: Zelnia
Originally posted by Xubera incompatiabilty as in, errors, or as in its not filtering it? doesnt work while trade forwarder is active and make a lot of errors...
File: Chat Consolidate08-16-10
i rly like this addon but im notici...
Posted By: Zelnia
i rly like this addon but im noticing some incompatibilities with trade forwrder :( http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/tradeforwarder.aspx
File: DocsNameplates04-11-10
Re: comment
Posted By: Zelnia
Originally posted by dr_AllCOM3 No names? I tried that once and it was horrible. There's no space for anything additional inside the health bar. Having three or four items of top of each other is not good. yep but i need a simple and compact dispaly for pvp purpouse. I dont rly need other stuffs like level or hp values so i t...
File: DocsNameplates04-10-10
i rly like this addon, its simple a...
Posted By: Zelnia
i rly like this addon, its simple and stable while many other similar addons are not. however i need 1 more feature to this addon: 1 option to HIDE Text Names. moreover id like to see a feature to move text names inside the health bar a feature to truncate names too long over 5 characters. Tnx a lot for this Good Job :)
File: Aloft10-25-09
think a bug
Posted By: Zelnia
i really like this addons but often it cause some crushes, dont know how its possible but those crushes happen only when i use aloft i tried using only aloft and nothing other addons and wow crush too ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception Program: C:\Programmi\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATI...
File: OPie10-06-09
i need a "Never use this slice as q...
Posted By: Zelnia
i need a "Never use this slice as quick action" option for some slices of my rings when i use the "Use last slice used as quick action". can u add tis feature? Tnx a lot, Opie is a GREAT addon.
File: Broker_epgp08-12-09
Re: More info?
Posted By: Zelnia