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File: Gatherer02-01-09
Originally posted by Aramith do u...
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Originally posted by Aramith do u know when there will be an update for this addon? i absoltely love it but nodes wont record anymore See the post below by Nuriyan for an update file, or manually update the Node/Vein information in your Gatherernodes.lua file for Cobalt, Saronite and Titanium.
File: Auctionator10-20-08
Re: Re: Re: interfering with wowecon wishlist.
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Originally posted by Dez I have the most recent version of wowecon, I do use the premium version and it does integrate with the AH window, it creates 2 tabs after the auctions tab called Watch list and Price Alerts, and whenever I open the auctionator window it opens the watch list tab and info from both addons is present but overl...
File: Better Inbox05-15-08
Compatability with Easymail
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I love the features of this addon. I also am rather dependent on the features of EasyMail (2.3.2). They complement each other well. However, this addon doesn't play well with the "check box" option added by EasyMail. Can the Author add compatibility with EasyMail, or alternatively add the features of EasyMail? EasyMai...