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File: Shadowed Unit Frames01-20-10
update to earlier post about some buffs.
Posted By: Dorhan
I want to show only my buffs on all the unitframes but even after selecting "show your auras only" and "show castable on the other aura only" some buffs still seem to get through and some don't, like Well Fed buff for example I cant get it to show on any Unitframe and Champion of the Kirin Tor (rep tabard) show no matter what.
File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter01-20-10
still an epic addon period!
Posted By: Dorhan
Still the best anti-spam chat addon that you can get, SpamSentry is another one that does the job that blizzard fails to do, wow can I say that in here? LOL
File: Shadowed Unit Frames01-20-10
very nice :P
Posted By: Dorhan
I really like this Unit frame addon now that I spent a few weeks tweaking it for 7 of my toons, I would say that its more flexible then Pitbull 4 and comparable to Pitbull 3 which I was using both before I discovered this addon. So far its working for me and is doing what I like though still working on the buffs/debuffs position y...
File: Lifebloomer 1.6.105-11-09
It still works as of this patch and...
Posted By: Dorhan
It still works as of this patch and not a single issue unless blizzard changes something in the UI in the next patch that breaks it. This is a very good addon for some one who is rolling a druid as a healer now from duel spec, its very light and and works in 5 man dungeons simply make a hotkey and your set. My click casting/hot...
File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter05-08-09
Great addon and doesn't get in the...
Posted By: Dorhan
Great addon and doesn't get in the way of anything. I highly recommend this addon if your server is bloated with non stop gold seller spam, I know some servers are not so bad but others like on Elune is terrible about every 3rd message in /2 or /4 is gold spam and this tool does exactly what it says it does and shows in the screens...
File: Aloft02-25-09
Nice! good choice for a healer type 5/10 mans
Posted By: Dorhan
Howdy. So, I discovered Aloft through curse.com in one of those wierd looking compilations and screens and seen Aloft which at the time I didn't know about the name of the addon itself but noticed very quickly that this would come in very handy in certain parts of your play style. 5 & 10, Solo grinds. Very awesome and flexible...
File: Bartender401-25-09
Re: Re: quest bar would be a nice touch
Posted By: Dorhan
Originally posted by AnrDaemon http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9896-QuestHelper.html This one? No? Not sure why you posted questhelper, that has nothing in common with what I was talking about :p I use carbonitequest but a quest addon isn't what I was refering to. check out Questitembar then you will understand what I a...
File: Bartender401-24-09
quest bar would be a nice touch
Posted By: Dorhan
I love this bar addon, it sure has come a long way. Can you add a quest/dailys bar one that will show quest items? I used Qbar before and now QuestItemBar instead of keeping my bag open.
File: DockingStation (Display)01-18-09
question about your display screenshot
Posted By: Dorhan
Howdy. Great addon I like it so far for me it seems to give back my FPS and doesn't give me the .5 second stutters I get with fubar which I like very much to but I have choosen to stay with this for a while and give it a good run through. And question I have is about the screenshot you have, on the right side there is a colore...