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File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro05-04-11
I believe I have found a bug with B...
Posted By: droeber
I believe I have found a bug with BindPad 2.3.9. Here's the scenario: I'm in my Secondary Talent spec, and BindPad is using Profile 2, Slot 1. I bind 'q' and 'e' to spells from my spellbook. I test, and these spells cast properly when I press 'q' and 'e'. I respec to my Primary Talents, BindPad changes to be using Talent Spec...
File: Multishot (Screenshot)04-22-09
Posted By: droeber
I updated the code for the Ulduar bosses and sent a PM to the author, but if anyone wants to modify their copy now, here's what you do: Go to the Interface/AddOns/Multishot folder, and open Multishot.lua in Notepad. Add the following lines in the mobDB section. Near the end is fine, just make sure you enter your lines in before t...