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File: FreeUI05-22-13
Re: Change the font of the chat back to the default?
Posted By: zynix
I have two questions, that I am still not getting solved by myself: Is there any chance to change the fonts of the chat back to the default ones? I don't see any debuffs? How can I activate them to show on my UI? Please help. Many thanks in advance! I don't know about the fonts, but debuffs are shown at the player fr...
File: FreeUI04-03-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Action bar layout
Posted By: zynix
options.lua otherwise you need to clarify your question more... The power height option, in the options file changes the height of the power on EVERY frame, that's both the player, target, target of target, focus, raid, party bosses, and pets. The problem for me, is that some frames are quite small, for example the target of t...
File: FreeUI04-02-13
Re: Re: Re: Action bar layout
Posted By: zynix
Zynix, you are amazing! Thank you so much. I had to resort to bartender for a few days there :( I've taken what you've done and applied it to the 3 bars for the bottom if anyone else wants it. Of course i'd change your own sizes and spacings etc. ] Thanks again :D You're very welcome! One thing I've forgot to mention, i...
File: FreeUI03-30-13
Re: Action bar layout
Posted By: zynix
Been trying to figure this out myself but with no luck. Trying to layout my action bars to match the layout of my Naga mouse. So instead of have 1 row of 12, I'm looking have have 4 rows of 3. Any ideas? Thanks, :) I've done this myself (somewhat, as I've got 3 rows of 4, instead of your 4 rows of 3.) I've done i...
File: FreeUI02-22-13
Re: Outgoing Damage Text
Posted By: zynix
Hello, First of all thank you for your efforts and creativity, I love your UI. I have a problem with outgoing combat text. The problem is that it doesn't exist. I've seen videos that have outgoing damage/healing combat text on the center-right side of the screen, but my UI doesn't have it. Tried everything I could come up with bu...
File: FreeUI01-16-13
Transparent DPS frames
Posted By: zynix
Hello Haleth! Great UI :) I really like the transparent unitframes, but I'd like them on the DPS layout. I have found the update function for the transparent frames (around line 390 in the unitframes script) and deleted the condition for healer layout (so it would make all frames in every layout transparent), this caused a coup...
File: FreeUI09-15-12
Awesome, thank you for the quick re...
Posted By: zynix
Awesome, thank you for the quick response!
File: FreeUI09-14-12
Hello Haleth. I really like your...
Posted By: zynix
Hello Haleth. I really like your UI! :) One thing though: When I'm on my druid and change into cat form, the power tag of oUF still shows mana, and not energy. Is this supposed to be the case? If so, how do I go about changing it? Thank you, Zynix
File: Stats07-02-11
Originally posted by Lakland Grea...
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by Lakland Great addon. Any chance of adding the option to select the font? Just to make it fit in with the rest a UI. :banana: Check line 572 in stats.lua: frame.StatText:SetFont("Fonts\\ARIALN.TTF", StatsConfig.Stats.FontSize) Change "Fonts\\ARIALN.TTF" to your desired font directory :)
File: oUF_Slim05-19-11
Hey, is there any way to use the ra...
Posted By: zynix
Hey, is there any way to use the raid frames, as party frames too? :) Thanks, Zynix
File: wIn104-24-11
A little suggestion for cleanup of...
Posted By: zynix
A little suggestion for cleanup of the slashcommands: I know that the "strlower" function in lua takes into account every possible way of typing a thing, so instead of: if slshCmnd_ConvertToRaid then _G = "/c2r" _G = "/c2R" _G = "/C2r" _G = "/C2R" -- other stuff end You should be able to use: if slshCmnd_Convert...
File: The User Interface with the very long title that really makes people want to look at it.04-24-11
That (read, title) is preeeetty coo...
Posted By: zynix
That (read, title) is preeeetty cool :P Not a big fan of graphical compilations, as I am a minimalist, though I must say, you did a great job with it. Kudos to you, and your title!
File: LowHP03-20-11
You could also make a variable at t...
Posted By: zynix
You could also make a variable at the top like: local LowHPTreshold = 30 -- default is 30% local f = CreateFrame("MessageFrame", "LowHPBox", "UIParent") f:SetPoint("CENTER") f:SetSize(512, 60) f:SetFontObject(NumberFontNormalHuge) f:SetJustifyH("CENTER") local last = 0 f:RegisterEvent("UNIT_HEALTH") f:SetScript("OnEvent",...
File: BeautyLoot(New Layout)03-06-11
Originally posted by esnar Bugged...
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by esnar Bugged? : / loot is way bigger then the loot box and the loot icon doesnt really seem to fit in the border Also, the scroll down arrow doesnt really fit the theme imo. Last thing, any way to remove the title bar? like loot x 5 For the rest. nice job, really like it :) It's not BeautyLoot, it's Aur...
File: xCT02-28-11
Originally posted by braindump it...
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by braindump it's not possible now, but i'll release an update soon(tm), i think i'll add overhealing. I would appriciate it much, if it had overhealing ;) But, thanks for a great AddOn, which satisfies my pixelperfect obsession :)
File: xCT02-28-11
If outgoing is what I, as a healer,...
Posted By: zynix
If outgoing is what I, as a healer, heal, then outgoing :)
File: xCT02-27-11
I really like this AddOn, but one t...
Posted By: zynix
I really like this AddOn, but one thing I miss, compared to other combat text mods, is overhealing, is it possible to show it? Thanks :)
File: oUF_Slim02-26-11
Re: Hp, Name, Level text offset
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by Avi_Illidan Hi! First of all it's a very nice and clean UI you've got here, I like it a lot, especially the black and white buffs / debuffs made me install this UI. Sorry to bother you, but I have a config issue. I would like to offset the text of the add-on (Name, level, HP, Energy). Open Slim.lua w...
File: oUF_Slim02-25-11
Right, second question: Is there a...
Posted By: zynix
Right, second question: Is there a way to use the raid frames, as party frames? I.E. like the option that enables you to use the new Blizzard raid frames, as your partyframes?
File: oUF_Slim02-21-11
Originally posted by Dawn @zynix...
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by Dawn @zynix Since I set just one size for everything in the create icon function, having different sizes for auras is tricky. One would need to copy and paste the whole function, with just a different size in the copied one, etc. ... Allright, I'll see if I am able to do it, thanks :)
File: oUF_Slim02-20-11
Player Buffs and debuffs
Posted By: zynix
Hello Dawn I'm trying to create some buffs on the playerframe. I pasted the code from the targetframe, into the playerframe code: createBuffs(self) self.Buffs:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", Minimap, "TOPLEFT", -1, 3) self.Buffs.initialAnchor = "TOPRIGHT" self.Buffs = "LEFT" self.Buffs = "DOWN" self.Buffs.num = 36 self.Buffs:SetSiz...
File: Zynix Unitframes02-15-11
Originally posted by MauMau somet...
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by MauMau sometimes i cant see ToT on arenas and BGs. It started after i've installed your addont. ps: this is the ONLY addon i use That's wierd, I didn't alter any code that has to do with ToT, only target, so it's a bit of a surprise. Does it throw any errors, or any taint?
File: Zynix Unitframes02-13-11
Originally posted by MauMau are y...
Posted By: zynix
Originally posted by MauMau are you going to fix target of target function? Cos it rly piss of on BGs and arenas. What do you mean? Currently, this AddOn does not modify the ToT in any way. So I would be surprised if it does something in PvP combat.
File: whoa UnitFrames02-08-11
You, sir, made my day. You know why...
Posted By: zynix
You, sir, made my day. You know why, thank you. :)
File: Zynix Unitframes02-08-11
Right, a quick recap: Been trying...
Posted By: zynix
Right, a quick recap: Been trying out some of the scaling, though I've run into some trouble with it (Stupid childframes...), so I'll still work on that, but the next version is probably not going to contain scaleability. The ToT support should be easy enough, but I would like to add the reset button first, as the frame is parent...