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File: PocketPlot03-28-10
taint issue
Posted By: pokotan
first off, sorry for my English >.< if exit vehicles in combat(like jousting before ToC 5man's 1st boss), Blizzard Actionbars/Unitframes not showing correctly(sometime it disappear, or only shows action buttons 1-6 in Vehicle styled action bar). tested it with only PocketPlot enabled, so i think this is PocketPlot issue. * tes...
File: Bollo09-11-08
: Bollo-2.4.3-16Beta\modules\name.l...
Posted By: pokotan
: Bollo-2.4.3-16Beta\modules\name.lua:331: bad argument #1 to 'gmatch' (string expected, got nil) Bollo-2.4.3-16Beta\modules\name.lua:331: in function Bollo-2.4.3-16Beta\modules\name.lua:346: in function `PostSetBuff' Bollo-2.4.3-16Beta\modules\name.lua:401: in function `UpdateDisplay'...