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File: Ackis Recipe List12-06-10
You can remove the "BUGGED" flag fr...
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You can remove the "BUGGED" flag from "Glyph of Mage Armor". I was now able to learn it from Professor Pallin in Dala
File: DoTimer08-05-09
Re: Solution for seeing full raids debuffs in dotimer
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Originally posted by seldric There is a workaround available for the problem of seeing EVERY debuff listed on dotimer. I am not the person who discovered this, but I am just sharing what I found. 1. Open Interface\Addons\DoTimer\DoTimer\core.lua 2. Search for "testIsMine" 3. make it look like this: local f...
File: SLDataText10-23-08
If you are having trouble getting t...
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If you are having trouble getting the latest download working, in the .TOC, change the "##Interface:" number to "30000". The patch level is 3.02 but the interface is still 30000