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File: Ghost: Pulse06-16-08
I tried Ghost DCP and it works nice...
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I tried Ghost DCP and it works nicely, but then i thought that the new version didnt work because i didnt reload ui.
File: Ghost: Pulse06-15-08
Feedback from warrior
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Hey Footrot, i would be the first guy to praise your mod, but the recent versions just give me so much headache. Lets start with the obvious. 1. Overpower (target) is not working. Tested it in a duel just to be sure. Tested in on mobs. 2. Enemy spell casts (focus) dont seem to be working either. 3. Most importantly the Mo...
File: Ghost: Pulse05-30-08
Re: Re: Re: [target debuff expiry] question
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Originally posted by Footrot Those things are done now - available on WoWAce, or if you can wait about 12 hours - I'll be refreshing the WoWInterface file then. Just wondering if we you can add output to SCT (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/111/ couldnt find it on here :rolleyes:), and then subsection MESSAGES. Ju...
File: Ghost: Pulse05-19-08
[target debuff expiry] question
Posted By: adinfinito
Footrot just one humble question, thats been bothering me for ages. I am mostly interested in this mod as a means to report any expiring debuffs that i must put on, such as hamstring or mortal strike, its like a safeguard. This is in pvp. For that I use Mob debuffs and have a 3 s early warning and thats basically what i care abou...