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File: PitBull 3.009-15-09
Split HP and MP
Posted By: whi7ek
Is there anyway to make HP and Mana Bar to be split? in a way that i can for exemple have my Action bars in the middle and HP to the left and MP to the right? found a way to make them vertical but not this yet :( tks in advance
File: RatingBuster08-23-09
mage Molten armor glyph
Posted By: whi7ek
something im a bit concerned, does this calculates Molten Armor (mages) with Glyph? or without? from what i saw looks like it doesnt count it. Any Way of making it count it? tks
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-17-09
Latency in castbars
Posted By: whi7ek
hello, i love this ui i dont have any problems at all with it, and for me its even "light" compared to anything i used before. thou there is a lil something that concerns me about my game play wish is no latency on Castbars. i gave a look at the forum and couldnt find anything that would help.. so i was wondering if there was any cod...