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File: FreeUI02-07-11
simple fix for lootroll frame placement/bar overlap
Posted By: jfiz
Originally posted by Continuous There seems to be a slight issue with the loot roll frame - it overlaps with the vertical bars on the right. Its not a big deal or anything I just thought you should know. The fix for this is pretty easy - you can do it yourself if you're comfortable editing a text file. Edit the file Interfac...
File: FreeUI01-24-11
Originally posted by Haleth Are y...
Posted By: jfiz
Originally posted by Haleth Are you sure this is DBM? It might be the new boss frames, I kind of forgot to make sure they don't overlap with the action bars. That's probably it...didn't even occurr to me. Now that I think about it - pretty cool that the boss frames fit in so well as to look like one of the styled dbm bars haha...
File: FreeUI01-24-11
dbm bar overlapping action bar, can't move it
Posted By: jfiz
It looks like since I installed the latest update (2.4a), I now am getting a dbm timer bar that is intersecting with the vertical action bars on the left side of the screen. This makes it really hard to see the full dbm bar as it's obscured/under the action bar there. I first noticed this on Ozruk in heroic stonecore, and it wa...
File: oUF_PredatorSimple12-06-10
example of buff filtering settings?
Posted By: jfiz
Hey could someone post an example of what a list should look like for buff-filtering? I have tried a couple of formats for a buff-list in that, but can't get it working. Tried it like the following (spell id's here aren't correct, just making up numbers for the example): { = { = "Thunder Clap", = "Demoralizing Shout"...
File: oUF_Nivaya09-17-10
Re: Re: debuffs (or buffs even) won't display on focus
Posted By: jfiz
Originally posted by Luzzifus No interferences known. Does that happen on live or beta/ptr servers? My problem with the focus buffs/debuffs not displaying happens on live, US client. If I have time before our raid tonight, I'll re-install with the update you just pushed here and see if that makes a difference. Thanks.
File: oUF_lumen09-14-10
wow thanks!
Posted By: jfiz
Neverg, thanks very much for the followup and adding that feature. I am planning to grab the latest build and try that out tonight. Thanks Again!
File: oUF_Nivaya09-13-10
debuffs (or buffs even) won't display on focus
Posted By: jfiz
Hi, A while back, I had setup ouf_Nivaya to display debuffs on the focus frame, and that worked fine for a while. I don't know exactly what happened, but now I can't get anything combination of buffs/debuffs to display on the focus frame. Are there any known issues with other addons that could interefere? more details:...
File: oUF_lumen09-13-10
mobs debuffs on focus?
Posted By: jfiz
I have two general questions about ouf_lumen: 1) Does it support the display of mob-applied debuffs on the focus frame? I'm not able to tell how (or if) ouf_lumen handles this from the screen-shots. ...I rely on this feature to monitor debuff-stacks on my co-tank, for tank-swaps. I used to have this working with ouf_nivaya, bu...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-03-10
mini - or other unit frames?
Posted By: jfiz
This is great, thanks for working on the update. Will this work with a different OUF layout (OUF simple maybe) ? Do you plan to update MINI ? Thanks!
File: Neav UI04-29-10
which ouf_mov* is supported?
Posted By: jfiz
There are two versions of a move able frames module for OUF it seems. Can someone confirm, which of these two are supported by NeavUI/ouf_neav ? This: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info14408-oUF_MoveableFrames.html or This: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info15425-oUF_MovableFrames.html Thanks!
File: Arp UI04-27-10
Originally posted by Tobbe8716 Bt...
Posted By: jfiz
Originally posted by Tobbe8716 Btw Im looking for a new threat meter if anyone know of some nice preferbly something light. I have used sThreatMeter2 in the past...it "seemed" light, and worked well for me. You might try that one...I think it's available here on wowinterface. //B
File: Arp UI04-24-10
that did it, thanks!
Posted By: jfiz
Thanks for the help - and sorry, I had missed the image/info about the extra bars profile, sorry you had to point that out again for me. All I needed was to enable that profile, and horizontally center the stance-bar as you suggested, and it's all set now. The bar-texture-side-arms weren't too short...just looked that way at firs...
File: Arp UI04-24-10
bar background textures slightly off @ 1680x1050
Posted By: jfiz
Hey, I downloaded the latest ver. this morning, and installed the 1680x1050 version per the instructions in the howto and on the wowi page. Most of it looks good, but the bar background textures are off a bit. Specifically: - the texture behind my stance bar is too short...the linking "arms" don't span far enough to reach s...
File: PerfectRaid08-15-09
buffs/debuffs tab, auto-fill default error
Posted By: jfiz
I am running what I think is the latest version (dl'ed from wowinterface.com) of perfectraid. I am getting a Lua Error when trying to use the auto-fill default drop-down, on the buffs/debuffs tab, to further configure the addon. The error occurrs when I click on an item (any item) displayed in that dropdown. I am quoting the Lua...
File: Sage UnitFrames08-12-09
Thank you so much for the update!!!...
Posted By: jfiz
Thank you so much for the update!!! woooooot! Now I can't wait to get a break in my schedule so I can reset my UI with sage uf again :) Good times! :)
File: Group Calendar 508-12-09
Re: Re: does this version provide for sign-ups?
Posted By: jfiz
Originally posted by mundocani In patch 3.1 Blizzard added a new event type of "Guild Event" which don't require invitations to be sent. All guild members will see those events and can then sign up. The down side to Blizzard's implementation is that you can't tell when someone declines attending a guild event since there's no "ha...
File: Group Calendar 508-11-09
does this version provide for sign-ups?
Posted By: jfiz
Just a quick question about this beta version (5) vs. the 4.x versions of group calendar. Does v 5.x provide a way to allow guild members to sign up for a posted event, *without* being invited directly first? My guild has been using 4.5.1 for raid sign-ups to great effect, and I'm just wondering if that same functionality is (...
File: Sage UnitFrames08-07-09
Re: Sage
Posted By: jfiz
Originally posted by Tuller Sage is a weird one for me: Its both my least popular, addon, but as complex as my major addons (Bagnon, Dominos). I want to drop it, but I cannot since there's no viable alternative in my eyes :P I for one can appreciate your dilemma. So I'm posting to say first, thank you very much for the gre...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-29-08
First of all - great UI. thanks so...
Posted By: jfiz
First of all - great UI. thanks so much for putting the work into this, I really enjoy it so far. I just have a general question: What raid frames addon (if any?) are folks using with Roth UI? More specifically, I'm using the d3orbs layout and looking for some raid frames that go well with the other frames in the UI. Thanks...