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File: ForteXorcist09-27-09
Posted By: rabbitcookie 1.93 local files for chinese (simple/traditional)
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In group,when a pal set Crus...
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In group,when a pal set Crusader Aura,timer show the bar,but sometime,the bar become a very very long bar it in chinese wow,FX1.02 it fixed in 1.03?
File: ForteXorcist01-03-09
Originally posted by Xus Crusader...
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Originally posted by Xus Crusader Aura isn't supposed to show up at all afaik :P (if you mean the paladin aura). Are you using someone's paladin module? because I'm pretty sure I never added it. a little mistake,it should be "Aura of the Crusader",the 2 buff got the same name in chinese wow the buff keep blink
File: ForteXorcist12-28-08
it's seem that Crusader Aura show a...
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it's seem that Crusader Aura show a very long bar on timer and blink always,chinese version,just Crusader Aura,other aura both ok
File: ForteXorcist Localization12-26-08
Posted By: rabbitcookie chinese localization for 1.02
File: ForteXorcist Localization12-14-08
Posted By: rabbitcookie chinese localization for 1.01
File: ForteXorcist12-11-08
Chinese wow version 3.0.5 forteXor...
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Chinese wow version 3.0.5 forteXorcist version 0.999.9 Corruption doesn't work on timer the spellID of corruption in Forte_Warlock.lua is 61563 change it to 172
File: ForteXorcist Localization12-11-08
Posted By: rabbitcookie chinese localization for 0.999.9 what happen on fortegaming?
File: Forte_Druid05-24-08
Posted By: rabbitcookie here is Forte_Druid Chinese transe,include "zhCN" and "zhTW" =========================================== I find HoT register as spell FW:RegisterSpell(FW.L.INNERVATE, 1,020,0,1,00,"Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Nature_Lightning");FW:RegisterSpell(FW.L.ABOLISH_POISON, 1,008,1,1,0...