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File: PG UI v1.905-29-09
A great job indeed. I tested it...
Posted By: Pondera
A great job indeed. I tested it really quick and it works in my notebook very well, with a resolution of 1280x800 (which is the same aspect ratio). The only thing I didn't really like was the key binding all modified, but it's ok because I have my keybinding saved. I plan to adapt this UI soon for my needs as well and I cong...
File: tomQuest205-01-09
Achievements - not getting
Posted By: Pondera
I'm having this problem where I try to track an Achievement, but it reads "You don't have space to track any more objectives, stop tracking some first.". I'm using the addon OverAchiever... but on my BagSack, i see this error which should help you more, something about not getting the "Achievement Frame"... Thanks in advance.
File: Reflux04-29-09
Hi, first of all thanks for this ad...
Posted By: Pondera
Hi, first of all thanks for this addon :) But let's say I did the whole interface and there's a bunch of different profiles... how do I manage them now? I don't want to reconfigure anything and yes, there are 5 different profiles last time i checked. I want them all to be in one. Is it possible? Thanks in advance. EDIT: For Bro...
File: FuBar_ActionsFu04-27-09
Re: informatin on this mod?
Posted By: Pondera
Could you please, please, please, make a broker version of this?
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-03-08
No offense, but i really liked the...
Posted By: Pondera
No offense, but i really liked the old one (2 big balls) and this new version is completelly different. Are you going to keep developing both or just this new one? If only the new one, would you mind keeping the file for the old one with a good/memorable name in archive? Thanks in advance
File: Duality08-20-08
I'll give this addon a try next wee...
Posted By: Pondera
I'll give this addon a try next week... seems really good and if it works and intended, then I'll dust out my 17" display :)