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File: Backpack10-15-16
Equipment Item Levels
Posted By: Dancingblade
Do you plan to add item level display for equipment icons? Thanks.
File: pmAlertFrame08-31-15
Works great! Thank you!
Posted By: Dancingblade
Works great! Thank you!
File: Een's Chat Window Backup08-24-15
Fixed with update
Posted By: Dancingblade
Latest update (1.4.5) fixed the scaling issue. The addon seems to be working perfectly now. Thanks!
File: sFilter08-23-15
Error With Shaman Only
Posted By: Dancingblade
I get the following Lua error only on my Shaman. The icon for Lightning Shield works properly, but there's a border only (with no icon texture) where one of the large icons generally shows. 27x sFilter\sFilter-4.2.2.lua:35: attempt to compare number with nil sFilter\sFilter-4.2.2.lua:35: in function ...
File: Een's Chat Window Backup08-23-15
Latest update is messing with chat...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Latest update is messing with chat frame sizes in some major ways. Almost as if it's setting scale to 1.5 or so. I'm using BasicChatMods, problem goes away when going back to 1.3.1a. No lua errors either. :) Same thing happened with me. I'm using PhanxChat, if that matters.
File: Altz UI for Legion08-15-15
hi there. what font are you using...
Posted By: Dancingblade
hi there. what font are you using? i want to add a data broker display just to have some more info onscreen and want to match the font. cheers! Looks like it's called Microsoft YaHei Bold. I had the same issue. I'm thinking you could install Shared Media and copy/paste the font from Aurora/media from this UI installation ov...
File: Loot Won Alert Hider/Mover11-15-14
/lwl not showing frames
Posted By: Dancingblade
Hi, Choonstertwo! Loving this addon. Thank you for making it available. Thought you might like to know that the /lwl command shows no frames to move right now. Perhaps with the expansion that item ID used for the example no longer exists? Anyway, I changed the ID to a sword I had on my toon (112261) and it then showed the frame...
File: m_ActionBars11-15-14
any one know how to fix range color...
Posted By: Dancingblade
any one know how to fix range color on m_actionbars? TullaRange works for me.
File: ShirvaUI11-12-14
Using 9.1.2 A few issues. I took...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Using 9.1.2 A few issues. I took some screens and copied an error. Hope this helps you. First logged onto my bank alt, a level 7 mage. There was one error and no unit frames on screen at all. Also, there does not seem to be a Bartender profile set up. Bartender is just at it's beginning, default setting and there are no other p...
File: ShirvaUI11-11-14
Posted By: Dancingblade
I've always been a fan of your work (as Alleykat). Can't wait to give this a spin!
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 7.011-06-14
Re: Doesn't Works
Posted By: Dancingblade
What Im doing wrong?:eek: unzzip>replace Did you download oUF, which is required for this work?
File: QuickQuestItem11-03-14
Just wanted to say thanks for creat...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Just wanted to say thanks for creating and making this addon available. I was hatin' it for a while there when the patch hit and my macro quit working. So uh... Thanks!
File: xanChat11-01-14
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File: Skaarj UI10-26-14
Posted By: Dancingblade
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info15886-ncHoverBind.html Works for me with m_ActionBars
File: xanChat10-25-14
Hi Xan! Really like your addon....
Posted By: Dancingblade
Hi Xan! Really like your addon. I keep a couple of my chat windows separate from the main window. The options to hide tabs, etc., work great on the main window but don't seem to affect detached windows. I'm wondering if extending the addon to cover detached windows is a feature you'd be willing to add, or perhaps you could point m...
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Grey]10-24-14
DL Issue Corrected
Posted By: Dancingblade
Turns out the issue with downloading large files was one with wowinterface itself. It has since been corrected and large files should DL fine now.
File: rObjectiveTracker10-20-14
Just want to say thanks again for t...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Just want to say thanks again for this. Tracker now remains in the moved position between sessions with version .04. Awesome!
File: rObjectiveTracker10-18-14
The sole purpose is to make it mova...
Posted By: Dancingblade
The sole purpose is to make it movable. Position does not get saved over sessions. It never has. Just to be sure we were being clear, the design is for it to relocate to the default position when you zone your character (like to/from an instance or a city portal) or /rl the UI?
File: rObjectiveTracker10-17-14
Doesn't seem to stay where I move i...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Doesn't seem to stay where I move it too. Am I missing a way to lock it to a location? Came here to thank you for making this - also to mention this issue. Thanks!
File: Allez UI10-17-14
Very nice UI. Thanks for posting th...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Very nice UI. Thanks for posting this. CargBags is erroring out. Throws Lua errors (I can copy/paste them for you if you need it) and the bag frame is just kind of a jumbled pile of pixels - can't see items in the inventory. Same at the bank. I also changed the unit frame from class colored health bar to dark grey. I changed th...
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 7.010-15-14
I'd also like to thank you for keep...
Posted By: Dancingblade
I'd also like to thank you for keeping this addon going. It seems like the latency tracking on the castbars is wonky. It always shows a very high latency in the text and the entire bar is red. Other than that, working great and I'm thrilled to have it. Thanks again!
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Grey]10-15-14
Ok, this is odd. I'm using Chro...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Ok, this is odd. I'm using Chrome, for what it's worth, and have downloaded MANY addons from this site and others without issue today. On the Addon Description page it shows the file as 56mb. When I click Download the file begins to DL and Chrome shows it as 29mb. However, about halfway through the expected time remaining Chro...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]10-15-14
Im gonna take a look, im pretty sur...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Im gonna take a look, im pretty sure i know what is causing it :) Thanks for the so precise description. edit: what region are you playing on? Eu, US? As explanation: These crashes can occur when a texture is saved using the wrong compression type. BLP has like 8 or 10 compression possibilities, so its often a luck game. Whe...
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Blue]10-14-14
Cannot Open File
Posted By: Dancingblade
7zip refuses to open this file. Opens other addons including your texture pack without issue.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]10-14-14
Realm Switch Crash
Posted By: Dancingblade
On live servers, 6.0.2: With this pack installed I am able to log in with the restyled buttons and borders apparent. Since I deleted my Interface and WTF folders to rebuild my UI for the new patch it asks me to select again what location and server type I want to play on (as though I was a new player). By default it puts me on...