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File: ClassColor Bars01-17-11
hey love the addon, is it possible...
Posted By: Galsta
hey love the addon, is it possible to make it so every bar gets changed to the texture, like cast bar, nameplates bar, xp bar and all that, cuz i love that texture :) what texture is that exactly ?
File: Trinket Menu12-09-08
button facade support?
Posted By: Galsta
hey great mod, would like it to feature BF so it fits with the ui i am making or am i missing something? ty gal
File: StunWatch08-23-08
when i put the file in my interface...
Posted By: Galsta
when i put the file in my interface folder and start the game i can unlock and everyting but when i stun someone Ks or CS the bars dont even show up .. :( anyone kow why this is
File: PitBull 3.008-02-08
target frame changes color
Posted By: Galsta
my target frame changes color sometimes into blue or other colors, is there a way to change that? i think it says cleansing there sometimes too its is kind of annoying when i want to stay focused in arena or so