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File: FuBar 3.6.502-23-06
Great mod. I loved Titan, but th...
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Great mod. I loved Titan, but this mod is just as good as Titan. My only request is for item bonuses, if possible, to be added. I like seeing how much +stats I have on my equipment, while trying out different sets. Other than that...I have totally switched over to BossPanel. *edit* Now my Boss panel is just like my ol...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic01-08-06
Re: Adding food
Posted By: NMDante
Originally posted by SolitaryB I get this error message when trying to add Roasted Quail to list: Error: Interface\AddOns\GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:1560: bad argument #1 to `find' (string expected, got nil) Same problem here. Looked at meat list, and Roasted Quail was not on it, and couldn't add to Feed-O-Matic. Trie...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames11-22-05
Originally posted by Global As of...
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Originally posted by Global As of 0.20 Perl Classic supports party pets. The pet's health bar is displayed under the hunter/warlock's mana bar. Clicking on that 3rd bar will target the pet. I tested its functionality with a hunter out of raid and a warlock on a raid so everything should be working if you are on the latest versio...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames11-21-05
Great mod. I switch from Discord U...
Posted By: NMDante
Great mod. I switch from Discord Unit Frames to this to check it out, and I really like the way it looks and feels. My only question is support for party pets. Is there a missing / command to show party pets? I grouped with a warlock, and never once saw the pet window for warlock's pet come up once. It makes it hard to target...
File: Scrolling Combat Text10-09-05
Is there any way to move where the...
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Is there any way to move where the scrolling text is displayed? I haven't found a way to move it out of the way of my target's portrait, and was just looking for a way to move it to just above my main's head. Great addon! Been using it for some time now.
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic10-09-05
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Originally posted by Mynameis i keep I get the same problem at times. I also get a message saying there's nothing to eat, when the stack the pet was eating is gone, even though there is tons of other food to choose from. Great addon, but just something missing from keeping pet fed.
File: Ace09-20-05
Lau error message
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Not sure if this is ACE or something that uses ACE, but everytime I logon, and start the game, I get an error message about the Lau file being incorrect. I'm not 100% sure what the exact message is, I'll have to get a snapshot of it, but it only happens when I first log into the game. Just curious if it was ACE or another addon d...
File: WatchDog09-14-05
Moving bars
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I too am having trouble moving the bars. I would like to place pet(s) under each owner and use these bars instead of default portraits. Thanks for any advice. I do have the unlock/lock frames unclicked, btw. edit - Nevermind. I visited your website and noticed that you have "Lock Frames Enable frames to be left-click dr...