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File: Rep2 (modded)11-15-08
Update Posted
Posted By: Monrasi
Hi Everyone. :banana: Sorry for the delay, but yes this has been update for Lich King. If you run into any problems or issues, let me know.
File: Exp206-14-08
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Sorry about that. I do check usually. With the delay in "awaiting approval by one of our fabulous file moderators", I forgot to come back and verify the download.
File: Rep2 (modded)06-08-08
User Color Choices
Posted By: Monrasi
Zidomo - I have added your suggestions to the to do list. I like it want an easier way to change colors also. With summer fast approaching, not sure when I'll get to it though. I also placed a not in the description stating this is a modded version of Rep2 and pointed people to wowace.com for the original. Thanks for the inpu...
File: Rep2 (modded)06-03-08
Color Coding Rep Levels
Posted By: Monrasi
Excellent Idea :banana: I never thought about doing something like that. That will be added to the to do list, the only issue is that my next month or so is extremely non-WoW friendly. :( So I will get to it when I get a chance, but most likely not right away. ---------------------- Edit for horrible spelling