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File: oUF_Lyn08-13-08
Posted By: Maryelle
Hello Lyn, Great job, by the way. Love the colors. There are problems with the implementation of oUF_Banzai however. WoW gave me an error at line 226 about a '.' that should've been a ':'. Corrected that one but now it seems that the aggro will only register for a fraction of a second, where my player frame will actually turn red...
File: lolTip06-01-08
Posted By: Maryelle
Hello, I found out that when you go from Full Screen to Windowed Mode, the tooltip border goes all haywire, going from a width of what is usual to 300% or so of that. When you do a /reloadui everything corrects itself however. I just wanted to bring out that problem to your attention. Also, I am able to move the anchor when...