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File: AuctionLite11-07-12
total cost
Posted By: kithe
This might have been answered somewhere and if so I apologize that I couldn't find it. Is there anyway to see the total cost of buying X amount of something even if I do not have sufficient funds? As it is now I just get a error insufficient funds message and have to take out the calculator.
File: LucaiUI09-23-12
Hey, I been testing UI's all weeken...
Posted By: kithe
Hey, I been testing UI's all weekend to find what I want to level with in mop and this one caught my eye, clean, sleek and it looks well balanced. The one thing though that grinds my gears with it is that it's not multi character friendly. I got every class (so far) at 85 and playing them regularly and have been using no-WTF UI's and...
File: FreeUI09-23-12
Combat text
Posted By: kithe
Hi, this might have been answered already (I can't seem to find a way to search comments), but I got healing text very nicely themed but damage text is blizzards standard. How can I get outgoing damage text just as nicely themed as incoming heals are? http://www.freeimagehosting.net/t/3xmnu.jpg
File: Vytle [Caith UI MoP Update]09-11-12
Speeding things up.
Posted By: kithe
I made this macro and have it in my general tab, if I log on to a new character I just click the macro and it sets everything up as per the ReadMe file. =) /script PitBull4.db:SetProfile('CaithUI'); /dom set Vytle /kgpanels layout "CaithUI v.15" /rl
File: FreeUI06-30-11
Originally posted by Haleth @ k...
Posted By: kithe
Originally posted by Haleth @ kithe; that's a little alarming, I've not seen that happening (I saw a BoE epic trinket drop in Firelands earlier and it didn't pass. I didn't get the trinket though. :(). If you are sure that no other addon is causing this, that auto pass on loot (option when right clicking player frame) is disabled...
File: FreeUI06-30-11
Hey, it might have been asked befor...
Posted By: kithe
Hey, it might have been asked before I tried to check but sometimes you just miss something, but I have noticed passing on BoE epics automatically, where in the code do I change this? I love the out DE/greed on greens but prefer to manage my epics on my own :)
File: Skada Damage Meter01-11-10
Re: Re: Save tries
Posted By: kithe
Originally posted by zarnivoop Yes - there is an option to only save boss segments. Make sure you also have it set to save more than 1 segment. Yes I found that option, but after a wipe when I go back to check it, I only see Current and the last killed boss as saved segments. Also, sometimes the segments are grayed out so I can...
File: Skada Damage Meter01-10-10
Save tries
Posted By: kithe
My guild is atm wiping on ICC new bosses and I been looking for a way to see more then the last try and still not have to save trash segments, is there a way to see all boss tries we done but still not get the trash? I tried to search but I couldn't really find a way to search comments I'm afraid.