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File: Altoholic02-01-13
Parsing Recipe Levels from Tooltips not working
Posted By: Mechti
I recently noticed that Altoholic incorrectly shows some recipes as learnable by another character (the character has Cooking at 160, yet some recipes that require Cooking 175 were green). Digging in the source I noticed that the function GetRecipeLevel (in Altoholic.lua) just looks for something numeric and matches on "Use: Resto...
File: Altoholic11-28-12
A quick and dirty fix for the GetAc...
Posted By: Mechti
A quick and dirty fix for the GetAchievementCrieriaInfo error would be wrapping lines 69-74 of DataStore_Achievements.lua with a check for GetAchievementNumCriteria : if GetAchievementNumCriteria(TABARDS_ACHIEVEMENT_ID) > 0 then local _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, criteriaID = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(TABARDS_ACHIEVEMENT_ID, i)...